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Best Crossbow Broadheads In 2021-10bestsells

Best Crossbow Broadheads

Speculating what the difference is between crossbow broadheads vs regular broadheads? Some archers find they can exactly shoot their preferred vertical bow broadheads on their crossbow. There is a sharp line, but there are variations in design to account for higher bow speeds and kinetic energy.

If you are stressed to get decent groupings with your normal compound bow broadheads, then it’s time to step on to a “crossbow broadhead”. Broadhead companies are introducing more and more products designed precisely for crossbow shooters.

This guide includes all the best crossbow broadheads for deer and the numerous factors you should consider.

Crossbow Broadheads vs Regular Broadheads

Numerous old-school bowhunters will advise you that crossbow broadheads are nothing but a say marketing ploy, that the only difference is the word “crossbow” on the packing.

At one time that may have been correct, but as crossbow hunting has blasted in popularity that truly isn’t accurately true anymore. If you search crossbows, why wouldn’t you intend to shoot broadheads made for crossbows?


100 to 150 grains are normal for crossbow blades, where maximum vertical bows are in the 85-125 range. There is some overlap, but the weightier heads give the bolt some weight-forward stability to let the vanes work their magic.

The heavier FOC flies straighter, hits with more energy than a lighter, efficiently balanced arrow.

Shorter Fixed Blades 

Look intimately at fixed blade crossbow blades, you will see they are slightly shorter. Shorter blades balance for the shorter length of crossbow bolts, helping the arrow fly accurately, with less collision from wind and air resistance.

Stronger Blade Retention 

Several crossbow shooters rely exclusively on mechanical broadheads over fixed blades. The reason is obviously due to the fact crossbow bolts are shot at greater speeds, and are thus impacted added the by the wind. The main issue with mechanicals is impulsive deployment at 400fps.

Blades Clear the Foot Stirrup 

Some mechanical broadheads designed for vertical bows can catch on the stirrup on some crossbows, activating blade deployment. The result is hazardous and possibly damaging to the crossbow and the archer.

1.Rage Crossbow X – Top Mechanical Crossbow Broadhead

Rage Crossbow X – Top Mechanical Crossbow Broadhead

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The Crossbow X is essentially the same broadhead as the regular Rage 2 blade. They don’t exactly say what the difference is, but I wonder there is a slight difference in the deployment mechanism to avoid the blades from expanding in flight.

The Crossbow X broadhead has all the other wonderful design features Rage is recognized for. There is the Shock Collar system that keeps the back cam deployment reliable.

The blades are a compact .035” stainless steel, and open to a huge 2” cutting diameter. If you have difficulty with mechanical opening soon, the Rage Crossbow X would be a skilled head to try next.

2.Excalibur Boltcutter – Top Fixed Blade Crossbow Broadhead

Excalibur Boltcutter

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The Boltcutter is a muscular 3 blade, 150 grain fixed blade broadhead for crossbows. Excalibur explains the picking of a 150-grain head as a way to improve the suitability of over 300 fps by increasing the front of center balance.

The broadhead is constructed from high-intensity stainless steel to withstand the greater kinetic energy bearing of crossbows.

The Boltcutter is a sweet balance of the intensity and robustness of fixed blades, with the speed and accuracy of a mechanical.

3.Muzzy Trocar Crossbow

Muzzy Trocar Crossbow

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The Trocar is an extremely sharp, three-cornered stainless steel tip, which is found on an instrument utilized in surgical procedures, and also on the tip of these broadheads.

This feature is used to increase penetration, which I suspect it does extremely well. Paired with a strong stainless steel ferrule, it punches through bone without distortion.

The Muzzy Trocar uses a helix design with a right-hand twist, which combined with a rather solid profile, is aimed to intensify balance while presenting less resistance to the wind, resulting in consistent flight characteristics and accuracy. Muzzy designed these specifically for use at higher speeds.

These broadheads are obtainable in either 100 or 125-grain weights, with .035″-thick blades and a cutting diameter of 1-3/16″. One nice feature is that the blades are disposable if they get bent or spoiled fair unscrew the old one and screw a new one on.

4.NAP Spitfire Crossbow

NAP Spitfire Crossbow

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The NAP Spitfire is a 3-blade mechanical broadhead that has gained something of a reputation for reliable functioning and proficient performance. The blades are upgraded with NAP’s original Diamize process and are thus razor sharp.

Another patented feature is the hardened-steel Trophy Tip to exploit infiltration and decrease deflection off of the bone. It also sports a micro-grooved ferrule which is expected to improve accurateness.

The Spitfire uses a mechanical spring clip retaining system to keep the blades from arranging in flight, so there is no necessity to mess with O-rings, even when using high-speed bows.

Users report that this original (boy they have many patents on this) retention system is very dependable, with barely any reports of premature blade deployment. Customer reviews on these broadheads are outstanding, consistently citing accuracy and excellent performance.

Obtainable in both 100 and 125-grain weights, with a cutting diameter of 1-1/2″, these can be used on both carbon and aluminum bolts. An outstanding option for deer and elk as well as a turkey broadhead.

5.Grim Reaper Crossbow Broadhead

Grim Reaper Crossbow Broadhead

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These are almost identical to the Grim Reaper Razorcut SS broadhead for compound bows, just improved for use with crossbows that shoot up to and beyond 400 fps.

The dissimilarity isn’t clear as Grim Reaper has next to zero info on their website. Get with the program guys.

The X-Bow heads are obtainable in 100 and 125-grain sizes, with either Razortip or Razorcut SS tips. The cutting diameter is a huge 1.5”, and crossbow hunters have been pleased with the size of wound channels for humane take-downs.

6.Swhacker Two-Blade Crossbow Broadhead

Swhacker Two-Blade Crossbow Broadhead

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Swhacker has earned a name in the industry for great quality and innovative designs, and these mechanical broadheads are good a decent example of both.

They feature stainless steel blades, an anodized aircraft aluminium ferrule, and an excessive -carbon resilient steel penetration point.

According to their website, their exclusive design offers two different cutting edges, a primary and a secondary attack. When the primary cutting blades are withdrawn, two short wing blades are deployed, much tinier than the main blades.

These are for the primary assault, cutting through the dirt, hair, hide, and bones and penetrating the center.

They point out that they use much less power to penetrate than broadheads that open upon the impression and that they take some of the load off of the ferrule.

As they penetrate, they open the primary blades within the body cavity, leaving them with “virgin edges” when they open. It truly is a clever design.

These are obtainable in 125-grain weight, blades are .032″ thick, with an open cutting diameter of 2-1/4″. A decent choice in mechanical broadheads.



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Range 2-Blade broadheads are the go-to mechanical blade for several crossbow hunters. This broadhead has some features that earned it the title as best mechanical broadhead in this review.

One of the best things about this mechanical broadhead is its stern-deploying SlipCam design, which mostly solves the problem of mechanical blades that fail to open upon impact.

When the leading-rim blade makes contact with the target, the shock collar opens immediately.

This technology is also helpful if you are shooting at an awkward angle. The stainless-steel blades are 0.035 inches broad and expand to form a 2-inch cutting diameter, which is more than enough for most crossbow hunting applications.

2-Blade broadheads are extremely streamlined in flight and accurate at high speeds. As is the case with Excalibur Boltcutters, prices associated with 2-Blade broadheads are relatively high, particularly if you want to replace the blades or shock collars.

8.Muzzy Trocar HBX

Muzzy Trocar HBX

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The Muzzy Trocar HBX is a hybrid broadhead with a rather exceptional design. The hybrid construction joins the benefits of both fixed blades and expandable blades.

They’re fortified with a decreased steel ferrule that is the similar size as the bolt, and utilizing the same three-sided stainless steel surgical Trocar tip as used in the Trocar Xbow above. The mechanical blades are retained in a closed position benefitting a friction washer.

The broadheads in flight with the secure blades and the rearward-deploying mechanical blades folded are only 3/4″ x 1″ in profile, which the company says gives field tip correctness, and by most accounts this holds.

At impact, the mechanical blades increase to a 1-5/8″ cutting diameter for a big wound channel.

But here’s the twist. When the expandable blades meet bone, they close up to re-open after they have passed the obstacle, letting the fixed blades do the substantial work.

These are obtainable in both 100 and 125-grain weights. Users report outstanding results with the Muzzy Trocar HBX broadheads and they’re well worth giving a try.

9.Rage Hypodermic Crossbow

Rage Hypodermic Crossbow

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For years the Rage Hypodermic mechanical broadheads have kept great popularity among hunters, earned by their consistent consistency of function, accuracy, and game-getting results. It’s a proven design that works satisfactory.

The effortlessness of their design contributed significantly to their reputation. What the company calls Ferrule Alignment Technology (FAT) ensures suitable bolt-to-ferrule alignment and participates to the sleek aerodynamics. 

The steel ferrule is organized with an extremely pointy hybrid tip for deep penetration. The system uses a consistent high-energy shock collar for blade retention.

When deployed, the .035″ stainless blades boast a massive 2” cutting diameter for a correspondingly huge wound channel. Obtainable in 100 or 125 grains.

It’s tough to go wrong with this time-tested beast stopper.

10.G5 Striker Crossbow

G5 Striker Crossbow

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For those who favor fixed-blade broadheads, the G5 Striker is the best contender, known for its robustness, accuracy, and stopping power.

It utilizes the exclusive patented ANIX blade locking system, which is mostly a very sharp three-sided steel tip that locks over the lower part of the blades, taking the brunt of the influence off of the three fixed blades, keeping them from damage.

The blades themselves are metal injection moulded for elasticity, tapered for good aerodynamics, and honed with the company’s Diamond-Cut Sharpness sharpening technology. The whole unit is pure steel and spin-tested to ± 0.002″ straightness for extreme accuracy.

Obtainable in either 100 or 125 grains, with a cutting diameter of 1-1/8″, the G5 Striker is an attractive high-tech alternate for the modern hunter.

A Crossbow Broadhead for Any Hunter

The selection of broadheads for crossbow hunting has never been pleasant. Whether you prefer fixed blades like the XcaliburBoltcutter or mechanicals like the Rage Crossbow X, or if you prefer a weightier 150 grain or lighter 100, there is a broadhead for you.

Choice the right grain and cutting diameter for the type of hunting you like to do and get out there with confidence. All of these broadheads are elite selections and fully proficient in taking an animal with a good shot.

What are broadheads and why should you use them?

Bread without butter is not complete.

Most individuals do not know a single thing about broadheads, let alone choosing one. Firstly, aspiring hunters should understand how broadhead works.

It is normally known that broadheads are used to target animals ethically. Also, it works well in achieving the right amount of blood loss required in claiming your next trophy.

Though, for it to work, it must be extremely sharp. This will enable severing throughout the essential organs and blood vessels. Cutting short the circulation of an animal target inside the body will be easy.

A blade so blunt can divest an animal the chance to be killed humanely. Therefore, your broadhead must be crazy sharp to end your target abruptly.

How to choose the best hunting broadheads


The variety of broadheads or the broadhead itself to be used should be legal inside the state you’re residing in. Using a weapon that is considered illegal to the eyes of the law can set you behind prison bars.

Do not make a ridiculous fault and read up what broadheads are okay in your location and what should not be used.


To tell if broadheads puncture well, it must be able to go through the thick-skinned animals. Besides, it should puncture well further down into their organs.

Most hunters persist penetration all boils down to their position before shooting. The power of the bow, distance, and performance of the broadhead is also added. Though, sometimes, a good broadhead equates to having a good puncture depth.


The capability of a broadhead to withstand almost anything says a lot with the method on how the hunter takes care of it.

There is no need to heavily scrutinize the features of the broadhead. Once you use it, problems will arise if it’s deserted. Corrections can be done through arrow testing, proper maintenance and balancing.

However, it is the particular broadhead that makes what a huge broadhead is. Having a good eye when choosing one for you is a big deciding factor. This will choose if your broadhead is up for many challenges that await you in the wild.


Your broadhead is carried anywhere you go. It is a must to have it appropriate to your body proportions.

If you will buy an inappropriate one, your spinal column will be compromised. There is a cutthroat system for killing animals with bigger bone structures. This is probable by using smaller blade diameters. It penetrates further and has better performance.


Smaller cutting diameter is completely matched with most crossbows. That is why it is typically suggested when choosing a broadhead.

Getting a stretchy broadhead should assure a hunter enough that it has a cutting diameter of 1 1/2″ or less. This cutting diameter is meant for a huge hunting experience.


The accuracy of your shots is very important to kill an animal. Without accuracy, you might miss your archery target, but yet worse miss hunting opportunities. This can leave your mortality list blank and dusty.

Besides, an accurate shot should not be maintained. Hunters should watch this, especially when, at a distance, the blades are protruding.

Aim the best shot probable by having a good eye in estimating the most appropriate distance. besides, having a great broadhead of high class helps a lot with your hunting bouts.

How to maintain the crossbow broadheads?

Certain, maintaining a crossbow broadhead can take a lot of work, especially if it is bulky and serious. But a hunter should do it for the sake of its dependability and stability for a long period.

Besides, using it in its pristine condition can benefit the hunter. One must know that the act of the broadhead plays a major role in hitting such targets. It will not be attainable if it will just be left in a corner for dust to accumulate.

Sharpening, cleaning and using frequently should be enough to maintain it. Besides, prolonging the life and functionality of a broadhead will affect some factors. These contain the speed of an arrow, trajectory, range, and force.

Besides, shape and quality should be the deciding factor whether it needs a change or not.

That is why, as a hunter, you should ignore letting your equipment go to waste. Look after it likes or treat it as if it is your child.

A quick tip: Bring a bow case or a pouch to bear your broadheads while you travel to maintain them through your tours.

How to sharpen crossbow broadheads?

Sharpening broadheads can be exhausting, but it is not a reason to avoid the task of sharpening it. One should know that crossbow broadheads vary in shapes, sizes, and forms. That is why the quote ‘one size fits all’ will not be appropriate to use when it comes to broadheads.

To begin with, small blades are too durable to sharpen due to their sizes. That is why buying packs of substitute blades are more practical and safer. On the other hand, slicks can be sharpened simply with the use of stone only.

If you have a magnifying glass or any magnifying tool, the common of polished edges are still rough. Using a fine stone drizzled with oil matches to ease the edges, making it sharp.

Some also make use of the stropping method. It needs stropping on leather to finish the sharpening process and make the blades explode.

You should also be mindful whenever you’re using a foam target. It radically dulls your broadhead once shot. Thus if you are going to have the best crossbow broadheads possible then you require to take good care of them!

These are types of broadhead tips

Chisel Tips Broadheads

Most chisel tips have a quick point which enables it to penetrate better upon hitting bones. Some hunters admire the chisel-tip style, because of its ability to catch bounties.

Broadheads of these kinds usually deliver headstrong on hard impacts. Over that, it can leave bigger damage upon entering.

The damage always leaves an easy blood trail, especially on thicker-skinned animals. A few examples of these animals are hogs or elk.

Cut on Contact Broadheads

The contact broadheads account for a quicker penetration and cleaner kills.

There are examples that the cut on contact heads bend at the tip of the blade as it instantly hits a bone. Most people say this experience is nothing new to most cut on contact junkies.

This variety of broadhead loses some of its energy once it incurs damage. Next, it will search as it extends further down.

Chisel Tips vs Cut on Contact Broadheads

For diffusion, each tip works differently and has its pros and cons. Both of them go through well. But their strengths differ when it arrives at the medium in which the hunters will be working with.

Cut on contact broadheads wedged throughout the hide, helping with penetration. Chopping through varying conceals is its main stronghold and does a lot better than the chisel tips.

Meanwhile, it took lots of force for the chisel-tip arrow to penetrate through the hide of target animals. There were a few sorts of resistance that crippled these tips to stab through. It risks the broadhead to break off so being careful could help.

Furthermore, the tip can curve to an extent, which minimizes the strength for the chisel tip to cut throughout the skin.

The mechanism of chisel tips differs lots from the minimal effort that the cut on contact broadheads has. With less exertion of power, the contact broadhead slid through without any difficulties.

The chisel

The chisel tips are liable to do a better job when it comes to bone and cartilage. When it arrives at boar hogs, cut on contact broadheads do a better job. Animals like boar hogs are famed for having the toughest skin to penetrate.

There are also little differences when the cutting surfaces are being compared.

For lower draw weights, the broadhead can proffer deeper penetration. It also has a littler two-blade cut on contact head, than a traditional 3-blade chisel tip design.

The common cutting surface has a more significant contribution than the tip style. Besides, the tip also has a corresponding effect on the general act of the crossbow. This is why cutting surfaces are still considered.

Most individuals in hunting or archery forums prefer to cut on contact broadheads. Along with them, it does a great performance during hunting bouts in the wilderness.

Individually I have used all of the broadheads on this list and I love them all, mix them with a good crossbow and a great trail camera and you are set for a hunt. If you favour bolts you can find the best crossbow bolts here. 

If you are going to hunt in the woods and don’t desire to be spotted that easy you require investing in a great ground blind or a tree stand for that matter.


Question #1: Are broadheads already sharpened when bought?

Yes but not all the way. It is usually known that most cut on contact broadheads should have their edge tip sharpened fine. If not, it will not be taken into the field. That is why there are tons of sharpening tools obtainable in the market today.

You can purchase one for yourself at a physical store around you. You can turn to Google Maps or checking online stores for example Amazon. There are tons out there. A good Google search can come a long way, yet for a beginner.

Question #2: Which company makes the best broadheads?

Every year, different companies make it to the top. This can be attributed to customer buying behaviour. Meaning, consumers direct their attention to the feature and built off each broadhead.

Reputable brands such as Thunderhead, Muzzy, G5, Cardboard Express, KillZone and Magnus top the record for the best deer broadheads for hunting in 2019.

Ensure to get yours from these trusted brands. It is also getting to just trust in what your gut tells you, but testimonials help a lot too, particularly if you are a beginner.

A lot of the same manufacturers that make the best crossbow bolts are frequently the same for that makes the best crossbow broadheads too.

Question #3: Are thin blades more effective than thick blades?

The difference in thickness of a blade tells how strong it is in terms of cutting. Blades completed of the thicker structure are stronger.

Equally, thinner blades are cut for easier and convenient slicing. Furthermore, it will slice through the air quicker than a thick blade, as it will be slower when thrown in midair. Despite that, soaking up the force of the contact is better implemented with the use of a thicker blade. The former will not pierce in greater depths.


Before you can pick a broadhead for your crossbow hunting needs, you have to believe the differences between fixed and mechanical broadheads.

Each type has its drawbacks and advantages, and your unique setup and skills also come into play when determining which kind is best for you.

If you feel that a fixed broadhead is the best for your requirements, we suggest Excalibur Boltcutter broadheads with their three blades and tough stainless-steel construction.

Though, if you want a mechanical broadhead, consider the Rage 2-Blade broadheads with rear-deploying SlipCam intend and 2-inch cutting diameter.

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