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Best Dollhouses For Kids In 2021-10bestsells

best dollhouses

A dollhouse is one of those typical toys of childhood that almost everyone has fond memories playing with. I can yet picture my Best Dollhouses For Kids and keep in mind it as one of my favourite toys.

Not only are dollhouses enjoyable to play with, but they’re brilliant tools for parents to model positive behaviour, teach conflict resolution, aid children express their emotions, and connect with their children through play.

As an open-ended toy, the play situations with dollhouses are endless as children invent sensible and imaginary scenes. Dollhouses are still popular tools child psychologists use during play therapy.

What to look for in a dollhouse

Before choosing a dollhouse, consider what is important to you and your kid: size, number of accessories, portability, and theme, such as.

We spoke to toy expert and senior editor at Toys, Tots, Pets & More (TTPM), Laurie Leahey, about what makes a dollhouse great.

“Kids desire something with many spaces for them to play with their dolls and something that arrives with a lot of accessories so that the dollhouse feels furnished, and children have everything they need to start playing,” Leahey said.

She also talked about the aspirational facet of a dollhouse. Things like elevators, winding staircases, or sprawling mansions are cool for kids because they’re different from what we notice every day.

At the same time, she believed, “It’s always nice to have something sensible in the dollhouse, whether that’s a toilet accessory that creates a flushing sound, working lights, etc.

These are things that kids are familiar with, and they desire their dollhouse to have functionality look like their real house.”

Of course, assembly is almost always needed with dollhouses, so that’s something parents require to take into consideration when choosing a dollhouse.

A word about our picks

You’ll notice that several of our selects are KidKraft dollhouses since time and time again, they won over the competition.

KidKraft houses constantly check all the boxes of a great dollhouse: They’re large enough to provide kids room to play, they include aspirational aspects as remaining functional, they arrive with fun accessories, and they’re built to last.

From great dollhouse mansions to starter dollhouses for toddlers, we combed through the choices and relied on an expert suggestion to compile this guide to the Best Dollhouses For Kids. 

1.Kidkraft Majestic Mansion

Measuring 52 inches broad, 14 inches deep, and 53.62 inches tall (that’s over 4.5 feet!), the Kidkraft Majestic Mansion is the ultimate dollhouse.

With eight rooms whole, this house comprises three stories plus an attic, and it yet includes a garage and a manual working elevator.

Having a dollhouse that’s as big as you are and contains all the bells and whistles is more than enough to find immersed in play.

What else could a child require to get their imagination going? We love that this dollhouse mixes those aspirational pieces Leahey mentioned with daily items that kids are familiar with, like a toilet, a garage, and a baby crib.

The mansion comes furnished with 34 pieces, and though it doesn’t come with dolls, it works for dolls up to 12 inches.

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

Check Price On Amazon

A few dolls that work well contain Barbies and mini American Girl dolls. Kidkraft also sells a family of seven dolls individually.

The house is made of wood with several fabric accessories and is suggested for ages 3 and up. Since the house and accessories are made of wood, they’re simple to wipe down, but you wouldn’t be capable of throwing them wash them under running water.

The sheer size of this dollhouse makes it ideal for multiple kids to play together. This also means it’s going to take up lots of space in your home, so ensure you have a good spot for it to live before you decide on this one.

You’ll also want to provide yourself with plenty of time for assembly. Another object to note about this house is that the facade is extremely plain, so that side is best for facing toward a wall.

We Love Dollhouses, a dollhouse review website, checked the Majestic Mansion called it “fun, built to last, and very affordable.” One of their favorite aspects is the notice to detail from a place for dolls to put their soap to the gorgeous paintings on the walls of each room.

  • Very large
  • contains 34 furniture pieces and accessories
  • interactive features
  • Very sturdy
  • Dolls not contained,
  • The assembly can take a while

2.Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Mini Dollhouse

Maybe you desire to test out a dollhouse with your kids before investing in a more costly one, or maybe pricier options just aren’t in the budget.

Melissa & Doug is a brilliant toy brand that always delivers class kids’ products, and we love their Fold & Go Mini Dollhouse.

You’re not going to find all the bells and whistles with this compact option that’s proper for children 3 years and older, but it comes ready to go with everything you require. Inside, you’ll find two stories, four rooms, and a flight of stairs.

It also contains 11 pieces of wooden furniture and two dolls. The house measures 13.13 inches high, 10.63 inches long, 6.13 inches wide, and weighs 4.65 pounds.

If you’re trying to find your money’s worth, this is a great choice since you can fold it up and take it with you anywhere you go — it yet has a convenient carrying handle, but note that there’s not a latch to keep the house closed when it’s folded up.

Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Dollhouse

Check Price On Amazon

You can too personalize it with your child’s name, which is an enjoyable touch and useful if your child plays with it outside your home. 

Still better, you won’t have to spend any time assembling this dollhouse, giving parents roughly the world a sigh of relief. 

  • Compact
  • Arrives fully assembled with furniture and dolls
  • Portable
  • Can be personalized
  • No latch to remain it closed when traveling

3.Hape All Season House 

Dollhouses aren’t only for girls — boys can have a lot of fun playing with them, but some boys don’t desire to play with a toy that seems “girly.” The All-Season House is gender-neutral, encouraging both boys and girls to connect in imaginative play.

This modern dollhouse full of solar panels on the roof has three stories, six rooms, and multiple open sides, making it simple for children to play together.

The roof can be changed to show different seasons, which can aid your child to imagine a variety of scenarios as they’re playing. Another cool feature is the moveable stairs.

Hape’s All Season House arrives fully furnished with moveable parts to aid kids 3 years and older create different scenarios within the home. It doesn’t come with dolls, thus you’ll have to purchase them separately.

Hape All Season House Furnished Toddler

Check Price On Amazon

Dolls that will fit this house contain Hape dolls, Melissa & Doug dolls, Calico Critters, or Plan dolls. Some assembly is needed, so don’t expect to open the box and be able to use it right away.

This house measures 23.6 inches long, 11.8 inches deep, and 28.9 inches high. It’s made wholly of wood, making it easy to wipe down.

We selected the Hape All Season House as one of the best toys largely to buy for a 3-year-old. They also like how it’s gender-neutral and it has open rooms for 360-degree play.

One of their writers who checked the home said, “My daughter loved that she could reach into any room from nearly any spot to adjust the furniture and play with the wooden people (sold individually).”

  • Gender-neutral
  • Completely furnished
  • Season-changing roof
  • Large enough for multiple kids to play together
  • Dolls not contained
  • Assembly required

4.Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home

Best Dollhouses For Kids are superb toys for children to role-play, learn about daily life, and foster thoughts, but most dollhouses contain small pieces that are unsafe choking hazards for toddlers.

We love The Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home as a beginner dollhouse for toddlers because it’s suggested for ages 1 to 5 years old, and its little size isn’t overwhelming.

You can opt for a pink or blue color scheme as well as black or white people. The house is plastic and arrives with two people, a dog, and some furnishings. It measures 28 inches long when opened, 16 inches high, and 6 inches deep.

As a plastic toy, it’s very simple to clean and wipe down, but it is an electronic toy, thus it cannot be submerged.

Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home

Check Price On Amazon

It plays sounds that encourage toddlers to aid other people. Kids can play with the house opened or closed, and when it’s open, it has 2 stories and 5 rooms.

One of our desired things about this house is the “big helpers” aspect. When children press the interactive buttons in the home, sound clips and songs encourage kids to aid others, be kind, and practice excellent manners.

Play is a great time to practice these skills, and this home lays the foundation for children to become kind adults. The youngest of kids will love this common aspect that TTPM’s Leahey says is vital in a dollhouse.

TTPM gave it a five-star rating. “It’s a well-completed playset with a family, and home theme that is age suitable,” their editor said in a review.

They like that it is simple for young kids to use and that it supports helping out around the house. It’s also ready to go out of the box — no assembly required.

  • Supports kindness and manners
  • Safe for toddlers
  • Play songs and sound clips
  • Arrives with black or white dolls
  • Older toddlers might outgrow it rapidly

5.Kidkraft Disney Princess Cinderella Royal Dreams Dollhouse


If you contain a Disney lover on your hands, the Kidkraft Disney Princess Cinderella Royal Dreams Dollhouse is an elegant castle that will bring your kid’s fairytale fantasies to life. 

This massive castle fit for a prince or princess has wonderfully elegant details like a clock tower and a chandelier and is large enough for multiple

children to play at once, measuring 58.75 inches tall, 38 inches long, and 15.25 inches deep.

The castle and accessories are made of a mixture of wood, plexiglass, and plastic, although the home is mostly made of wood that is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

It contains 12 pieces of furniture and even has a glass slipper. With its small pieces, the castle is suitable for ages 3 and up.

KidKraft Disney Princess Cinderella Royal Dreams Dollhouse- Exclusive (Amazon Exclusive)

Check Price On Amazon

Your kid will love to set fairytales among its four levels, five rooms, a balcony, and two winding staircases. It doesn’t arrive with dolls, but it accommodates dolls up to 12 inches, thus your children can fill the castle with their favorite Disney Princesses or Barbies.

some users have noted that their dollhouse came with missing or defective parts, thus be sure to take inventory of the parts when your dollhouse arrives. You will require to do some assembly of this dollhouse.

The specialist on dollhouses — a young girl from Toys Academy — reviewed the house. She adores that the house is taller than her and that there are interactive qualities like an oven that opens and a glass slipper for Cinderella’s foot. 

  • Fairytale design
  • Furniture contained
  • Fun features like a balcony and spiral staircases
  • Completed of sturdy wood
  • Assembly needs and some reviewers note broken or missing parts
  • Dolls not contained

6.KidKraft Bianca City Life Dollhouse

The Bianca City Life Dollhouse from KidKraft is the city-dwelling of any kid’s dreams. Standing 57.36 inches tall but just 25 inches long and 29.49 inches deep, it’s the ideal dollhouse for small spaces.

It’s intended to look like its part of a skyscraper in a city, and it has retail space on the first level to truly give it that city vibe. The home itself is stacked above the retail gap with three levels.

Some of the fun and unique features of this house contain working lights, an elevator, a piece of reusable stickers, and open walls to allow 360-degree playing space.

The Bianca is completed of wood and plastic and contains 26 accessories, but it does not contain dolls. Like other Kidkraft homes, it can accommodate dolls up to 12 inches.

KidKraft Bianca City Life Dollhouse

Check Price On Amazon

Many of the traditional Best Dollhouses For Kids are extremely different from the types of homes kids in the city are used to, thus we love how this dollhouse contains that element of familiarity for kids who live in a loft or an apartment as still including aspirational items like a rooftop pool and an elevator in the home. The Bianca City Life Dollhouse is suggested for children ages 3 to 8.

This home gives kids everything they require to imagine an exciting world for their dolls. It does need assembly, but after it’s put together, it’s simple to take out all of the accessories and wipe it down if needed.

Leahey said this is one of her favourite dollhouses due to the modern intent. “This one too has an elevator, lights, and sound effects, and it arrives with several accessories and a variety of spaces in which children can play with their dolls,” she said. “This is one that I hope I could live in, thus there’s that aspirational play coming in!”

  • Unique loft-style modern design
  • The roomy dollhouse that works well in small spaces
  • Open walls give the 360-degree play
  • Comes with 26 accessories
  • Assembly needs
  • Dolls not included

7.Fisher Price Little People Surprise And Sounds Home

Ideal for children between the ages of 12 months and 5 years, this Little People Home is designed to aid your little one to learn about the different components of a house and how each of these parts works.

The house is loaded with remarkable learning and fine motor activities for your toddler, thus aiding to enhance their imaginations.

With doors that open and close, playtime starts when your little one hits the alarm clock which finds little Emma out of bed, with hilarious sounds like “Time to get out of bed, sleepyhead!”.

This sensible toy house features lights that come on when your child opens the oven and refrigerator doors, a whooshing flush sound when your child lifts the toilet lid, and a music player that churns out 4 playtime songs for your sweet small daughter or son to dance to.

But that’s not all!

Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home

Check Price On Amazon

Naptime gets even better since your child gets to put the house Dad, Mom, and small Emma to sleep, shut the doors (everything fits inside), and say “goodnight” till playtime starts again.

Kids naturally desire to touch everything and explore, so tiny removable parts often pose possible safety and choking hazards. This is why all removable parts of this Fisher-Price Little People Home are intended to be quite large such that your little one cannot swallow any part.

A few parents who bought this house for their children said their kids were instantly attached to this completely adorable doll home from the moment they saw it.

Why We like

  • With its many exciting functions, sounds, and comical phrases, it guarantees fun-filled playtime for your little child!
  • Safety checked and approved. Your little toddler is not exposed to any potential safety or choking hazards
  • aids to effectively develop your little one’s fine motor and self-help skills, as opening and closing the house is a great way for your kid to figure out how actual doors work
  • Built to aid your little child understands cause and effect. Example: Toilet lid goes up, flush sound comes on
  • the whole playtime process is also built around cause and effect for added fun and excitement

8.KidKraft Belle Enchanted Dollhouse

Allow your pretty little princess or your lovely prince to relive the magic of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with this unbelievable dollhouse.

KidKraft Belle Enchanted Dollhouse takes your toddler on a trip of love, fun, and adventure since they explore the world of their favorite characters from Beauty and the Beast movie.

Ideal for little children between the ages of 3 to 8 years, this mansion features 3 spacious levels for your small child to decorate and 13 furniture pieces to play with.

All the rooms and even the two balconies are wonderfully designed with feature-rich artworks and themes from the inspiring movie.

Your little princess is certain to fall in love over a

KidKraft Belle Enchanted Dollhouse

Check Price On Amazon

nd over again with Belle’s well-known yellow gown which adorns a corner of the castle.

Your little son is not left out of the pleasure with Cogsworth and Lumière sitting on a fireplace mantle in the castle.

A few parents who bought this beautiful Beauty and the Beast-themed house said it exceeded their expectations as it was simple to put together, sturdy, and absolutely resonated with each family member who was a Beauty and the Beast fan.

Why We like

  • assures endless play possibilities and hours of fun, excitement, and enjoyment for your toddler
  • Encourages your small child to share their playtime experience with their friends as the house is almost four feet high with three stories and plenty of room for kids to explore together
  • It features beautiful details and rich artwork across rooms which not only makes for good visual stimulation for your little child but also promises a memorable experience

9.Fisher-Price Disney Minnie Mouse Home Sweet Headquarters Dollhouse Playset

This toy house arrives with 3 poseable baby dolls inspired by the Minnie Mouse show – Minnie, Daisy, and Figaro, as well as 12 other accessories parts for decorating the house.

For a more realistic feel, the Minnie Mouse inspired house qualities a vanity, 2 beds, a spa tub with a hairdryer, an oven, a kitchen serving cart, and two desks styled just like the show – all designed to aid children ages 2 to 6 years live out their fantasies.

From fixing to finding, party planning to baking, there are no restrictions on what your child can do with this house.

Fisher-Price Disney Minnie, Home Sweet Headquarters

Check Price On Amazon

Some parents who purchased this lovely house mentioned that the bright beautiful house was the best gift they could find their little toddler who is a huge fan of the Minnie Mouse show.

Why We like

  • This Minnie Mouse inspired house replicates the excitement and enjoyment your lovely little child gets from the show
  • Encourages your little child to share the fun during playtime with their friends as it arrives with 4 levels of two-sided play
  • aids develop your child’s fine motor and cognizance skills
  • As your little one becomes a spa owner and a chef with this lovely house, they will simply grasp the basics of how the spa and restaurants in your neighborhood work from within
  • By fixing the furniture for each little business in this house, your kid’s organizational skills will be considerably improved

10.Boley Pretend Play Dollhouse

If you are looking for a great dollhouse for your lovely little toddler girl who loves to dress up and playhouse, then this foldable dollhouse is just what you require for your little one’s imagination to run free.

Ideal for little girls ages 3 and above, the Boley Pretend Play Dollhouse comes loaded with 21 play timepieces guaranteed to provide your child hours of enjoyment.

It qualities furniture, open and close doors, open and close drawer, peek-a-boo window, doll accessories, and family action figures – all intended to make this house the ideal playset and educational toy for your little princess.

Your little child will love staging fun scenes in the kitchen, outdoor patio, study, and master bedroom of this colorful pop-up house.

Boley Pretend Play Dollhouse

Check Price On Amazon

A downside though is that it poses potential safety and choking hazards because there are small removable parts that kids can simply swallow. Parents can work their way around this by continually monitoring their little ones during playtime.

Some parents shared that this strong yet colorful house was fun for not just their daughters but for their sons too and gave them hours of engaging fun!

Why We like

  • With a gorgeous design and 21 pieces of furniture, this pretend playhouse offers endless hours of fun and excitement for your toddler
  • Opening and closing the doors and drawer will aid your child to effectively develop fine motor and self-help skills
  • Promotes creativity by enhancing your child’s storytelling skills
  • You can use this house as an effective learning tool as you can point out and teach your adorable child what each component of the house is called
  • Your toddler’s language skills will develop as they create scenes and make conversations with the house family

What To Search For When Buying a Dollhouse

Age Suitability

Plastic houses would be most proper for those small toddlers who tend to be small on the topsy-turvy side. We’ve all seen it.

That two-year-old that can go from strutting along boldly one moment to a sudden memory loss on how those legs and arms work!

With the round and softer edges on a plastic house, there will be less concern about that little one getting harm during these moments.

Wooden houses tend to have sharper edges. They also do not have quite the same stability that plastic houses do. These types of houses are suggested for older children.

What type of accessories the house has should also play an extremely important part of the age of the child? Some houses arrive with accessories that are too little for young children.

There is always a potential for choking and other injuries when it arrives at toys and children under the age of 3.

Little ones always feel the require to taste all those bright and colorful objects in their environment.

It’s a piece of their learning process. Some still like to hide those tiny objects in their nose. Yet to this day I haven’t been able to figure that one out!

Style And Theme

Many different styles are existing when it comes to dollhouses. Classic wooden houses may come in themes that contain certain periods of architecture.

Many of the modern-style houses can arrive in princess, Barbie, fairy tale, and hero themes. Several are even some with boys (or tom-boys) in mind.


I remember making my dollhouse as a child out of cardboard boxes, and cutouts from magazines that served as wallpaper, carpets, or decorative wall hangings.

I yet passed this creative trick on to my daughter when she was little. As this may be a fun way to pass the afternoon, those household cardboard dollhouses don’t last very long.

These days you can get a wide selection of dollhouses made out of various materials. They usually come in plastic and wood.

They even have Lego dollhouses! Some houses come prepared-to-go, and then there are those that a kid can build themselves to add an extra touch of creativity.

The wooden dollhouses are one of the most fashionable. They are typically made of 9 mm thick plywood or MDF. These have stood the check of time for many years with their stability and sturdiness.

Houses completed of plastic have their appeal with their bright colors and designs. These can be simply cleaned and are quite durable. These types of houses also come at a lower cost than the wooden ones.


Best Dollhouses For Kids come in different sizes and are broken down into ratios. They are usually 1:12, 1:24, and 1:48 in size. What this means is that the house is 1 twelfth, 1 twenty-fourth, or 1 forty-eighth the range of a life-size home.

The larger, playscale dollhouses can accommodate Barbie-sized dolls and are an ideal size for multiple children to play with together.


Now comes the fun part! How to accessorize the house. Lots of dollhouses come with a certain amount of accessories, as others are available to purchase separately. Most houses do not come equipped with dolls.

In either case, this is a fun chance for a child to express their creativity and decorate their new house in their fashion. No matter which kind of dollhouse chosen, there is a vast selection of furnishings and decorations for a child’s play home.


The price range of dollhouses can be quite wide. It basically comes down to the size and material it is completed off. A small, plastic house can be in the $50 to $100 range, as larger, wooden houses can range from $100 to $200.

Play Therapy

To a kid, a dollhouse is a fantasy world of realistic possibilities. While playing with their inside world, they sense a sort of separation from the outside world.

It provides them with a safe and secure space to act out feelings, dramas, and conflicts. There are times they may yet re-enact real-life conditions within this world to try and understand the world at large.

There are times when a kid can feel troubled or confused by things happening in their life. Young children may have trouble expressing their feelings verbally.

Having a small version of the world allows them to express sure thoughts, and feelings using an interactive play that they may not be capable of expressing through words. It is most general for child therapists to utilize Best Dollhouses For Kids in their office space.

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