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Best Rug Pads In 2021-10bestsells

Best Rug Pads

Whether you have a thick or thin rug in your house, keeping it secure on the floor may be an issue unless there is a rubber backing to it. This is the reason in these best rug pads in 2020 reviews, we feature our top selects for pads that can keep your rug in place as you walk on it. With this product, you no longer have to move the rug all the time while preventing slippage and accidents relating to this issue.

Rugs add a hint of style and complexity to any indoor space. With so many colors and patterns to decide from, there is no doubt that you can find the perfect rug to complement your existing motif in your home.

Though, the rug must stay in place since accidents may happen if it tends to shift or slip whenever you walk on it.

This is particularly true with rugs used to highlight the stairs since the last thing you want is to put yourself or your loved ones in danger because of slipping. So, a rug pad is indeed a necessity to supply protection, as well as an extra cushion to your rugs.

Best Rug Pads in 2020

Below, you can get out more about our selected products in these best rug pads in 2020 reviews. Check out what each product has to proffer, so you can find the right one you need that is worth your money.

1. Extra Thick 8 x 10 Feet Felt Rug Pad

Extra Thick 8 x 10 Feet Felt Rug Pad

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If you have a thin rug at home, you can add more pads and a plush feel to it by using the right pad for it such as this product. truly, it is made from 100 percent felt material.

So it offers a good amount of cushy and smooth effect to your rug’s texture. The pad comes with a 3/8 inch pipe that is thick enough to suggest a good barrier between the rug and your floor.

Therefore, this eliminates your worry that the rug made cause damages to your flooring including stains, marks, and other similar issues.

The sound reduction is also ensured by using this rug pad because of how it can soak up pressure that tends to cause noise each time you walk.

There is no doubt about the thickness of this rug pad, which directly adds some lift to your rug. Though, if you plan on putting your rug underneath the couch or TV stand, you may find the pad a little too thick to your liking.

2. Epica Non-Slip 5 x 8 Feet Super-Grip Rug Pad

Epica Non-Slip 5 x 8 Feet Super-Grip Rug Pad

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No one wants to deal with having to reorganize and reposition the rug each time it shifts whenever someone walks on it.

This is the reason we like this non-slip pad that keeps the rug securely in place all the time. With the best suction underneath the pad, you no longer have to slip or lose your balance due to a thin rug.

Aside from the protection, it offers to you, the pad prevents your flooring from getting stains or marks due to your rug.

If you plan to remove the rug and depiction of your hardwood floor, you do not have to deal with the hassle of scrubbing away the stains on the flooring. The pad keeps your floor fresh and brand-new looking yet if you had your rug over it for years.

You may finish up having to trim the pad to customize the size you need for your home. In case you require doing so, simply use a sharp pair of scissors and follow one straight light rather than the checkerboard pattern on the pad that tends to form a curve.

3. Gorilla Grip Non-Slip 3×5 Feet Area Rug Pad

Gorilla Grip Non-Slip 3×5 Feet Area Rug Pad

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Exclusively designed for hardwood floors, this rug pad provides maximum protection against slippage due to its anti-slip quality. As long as you have this pad underneath the rug, other issues are also resolved counting bunching and moving.

Whether you have little children or elderly family members, you can be sure they are well-protected from potential falls due to an unsecured rug on the floor.

We like how it is simple to customize our preferred size for this pad by trimming it. This is mainly true for rugs that come with an unusual and odd shape or size.

While this is a slimmer pad as compared to thicker and heavier ones in the shop, we like how effective it is in preventing rugs from staining on the floor.

4. Non Slip 2 x 8 Feet Area Rug Pad

Non Slip 2 x 8 Feet Area Rug Pad

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Rugs add a beautiful visual appeal to your home, but you also need to make sure that these remain secure on the floor particularly if you have these on your stairway or high-traffic area. This is why using a reliable area rug is suitable for your needs.

What we like about this product is its size and grip lacking being too thick underneath the rug? You can also easily cut the pad to meet your preferred size, as your rug may be too small for it.

With this rug, vacuuming the rug or walking on it has never been more relaxing and much easier. It also holds the rug firmly in place to help maintain its brilliant quality.

Just be sure to trim the desired size for the pad to get the right dimensions that match your rug.

5. Mohawk 9×12 3/8-Inch Felt Rug Pad

Mohawk 9×12 38-Inch Felt Rug Pad

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Made from quality felt material, this pad is an ecological product that features the CRI Green label, as it is certified for the Green Air Quality. It also includes low emitting substances and uses recycled content.

Therefore, not only are you securing your loved ones by using a rug pad that removes slips, but you are also doing your part of caring for the environment due to the materials and certifications this product suggests.

With a 3/8 inch thickness, you can expect to receive ample cushioning from this rug as ensuring the protection of your flooring and rugs.

We are impressed with the cushy appeal of the rug and its ability to secure our rug in place. But just remember that this product does not have a non-slip feature, so you will need to use a rug tape for most hold.

6. Duo-Lock 2 x 8 Feet Reversible Non-Slip Felt and Rubber Rug Pad

Duo-Lock 2 x 8 Feet Reversible Non-Slip Felt and Rubber Rug Pad

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We like how this rug pad suggests the dual function of preventing slippage while protecting our rugs and floor from damage. Made from class materials, the pad is bound to last for a long time, thus serving its reason and giving you the best bang for your buck.

It arrives with needle punch cushioned fibres combined with a rubber and latex backing, thus it can hold the non-slip feature for at least a decade. You can count on the greatest protection that this pad can offer for several years to come.

This pad is not intended for machine wash. To get rid of dirt and stain, simply spot-clean it using a damp sponge and air-dry afterwards. It is also not suggested to use this product on porous surfaces that can impact its overall class.

7. Mohawk Home 8 x 10 Feet Dual Surface Area Rug Pad

Mohawk Home 8 x 10 Feet Dual Surface Area Rug Pad

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No matter what the surface, this pad should be able to keep your rug completely in place all the time.

Not only does it propose protection from wrinkling and bunching, but it also stops slippages and falls while adding an extra pad to your rug.

With this pad, the life span of your rug is also prolonged since it eliminates any friction between the flooring and the rug. We like how thin this pad is as serving its purpose at the same time.

This pad is not machine-washable; still, you can always spot-clean it to maintain its cleanliness or to eliminate stains.

Just be sure to use a mild detergent that will not cause damages to its fibres. If possible having it cleaned by a professional is perfect to ensure a thorough cleaning with the right techniques and materials.

8. Ultra Stop 2 x 4 Feet Non-Slip Rug Pad

Ultra Stop 2 x 4 Feet Non-Slip Rug Pad

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If you have hardwood flooring at home, it is best to use a pad to stop your rug from moving all over the place or causing an injury due to slippage.

This pad is completed from heavy-duty polyester scrim with the polymer coating, thus offering an exceptional anti-slip function that should last for years.

You can expect your rug to remain strongly in place at all times without worrying about the pad being too thick as it comes with a fine density.

For its purpose, we can say that this pad does a brilliant job of keeping our rug free from wrinkling or bunching. We also like the open weave intend of this pad, which makes it easier for us to vacuum.

However, to confirm you get it placed correctly, you will need to tap every corner of the rug pad to the back part of your carpet. Otherwise, the rug may not keep on in place yet with this pad underneath it.

9. NINJA BRAND 8 x 10 Feet Area Rug with Maximum Grip and Protection

NINJA BRAND 8 x 10 Feet Area Rug with Maximum Grip and Protection

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This Ninja rug pad brand is pretty impressive, with its lightweight and adhesive quality. It has a good grip on our floor without causing any marks or stains.

It has an outstanding grip quality that it also works for slipping issues with mattresses, couch cushions, and futons.

When used with your rug, it can stop slippage while making sure the carpet remains flat instead of wrinkled. Customizing the size of this pad is also simple by trimming it with scissors.

To us, this product has met our standards when it comes to its ability to keep the rug in place even in high-traffic parts of the home. Besides, there is no chemical odour to this product, which is a major plus point to it.

10. Ultra Plush 3 x 5 Feet Non Slip Grip Rug Pads

Ultra Plush 3 x 5 Feet Non Slip Grip Rug Pads

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From the packaging to the overall feature of these rug pads, we can confidently say that this is indeed one of the best we have found so far. Though it is rolled up in its packaging, once we have rolled it flat, there are no troubles with wrinkling or uneven texture.

It even comes with a grippy component that has a rubbery texture on one side, thus it adheres well to our hardwood floor. With a fine height and cushion, this makes our rug feel softer without the worry of bunching up with each move we make.

This may not be a plush rug pad, but for the reason it serves, we have no problem with it. Most importantly, it comes with a sensible price that makes it a great value for our money.

There you have our best rug pads in 2020 reviews. We wish we were able to help you in selecting the ideal pad you want for your rug, so it stays on your floor while preventing accidents at the same time.

How we selected and tested

A great rug pad should have fixed but supportive cushioning and keep a strong grip on both your rug and the floor; it should also fit the dimensions of your rug, and it should not harm your floors over years of wear.

Rug pads can be completed from many materials, including PVC, rubber, felt, or memory foam. Usually, the best rug pads combine a layer of synthetic felt with natural rubber backing.

We mostly considered three types of rug pad:

Felt and rubber

Our specialists agreed that felt backed with rubber was superior to other pad types since they felt provides cushion underfoot while the rubber backing excels at gripping the floor and preventing slips.

Paul Iskyan, a rug specialist who cleans carpets for ABC Carpet & Home in New York, told us that felt mass was more important than the thickness in a rug pad, since a denser pad wouldn’t flatten over time like a less dense one might.


If you have a large area rug with deep furniture on it, a felt-only pad could be sufficient, but this type generally supplies the least amount of grip.

Rubber mesh

Iskyan said he favoured felt-and-rubber pads for most uses, but did concede that sometimes an all-rubber mesh pad would be essential for areas with low-clearance doors, or places that get wet frequently, for example, outdoor areas.

Mesh pads don’t provide as much padding as felt pads, thus your rugs will wear more quickly with them. Many rubber-mesh pads are also completed with fillers like clay and sand, which can leave a powdery residue on the floor beneath your rugs, thus it’s best to seek out pads made of 100 percent rubber.

Iskyan told us you should never buy a rug pad made from PVC since it can stain or discolor floors.

A fine rug pad can (and should) last for many years. Some come with 10- or 20-year warranties, and many should simply outlast those. Stephanie Waterman, account manager for rug company Armadillo & Co, told us that “in many cases, the pads survive your rug and can be easily cut down and used again and again.” as there was so much discrepancy in coverage, we decided a good warranty was useful, but not critical to finding a quality rug pad.

Some of our specialists said that a good rug pad should be made from felt so densely woven that it would be hard to trim with home scissors.

We generally agree with that advice, but we have found that, in a pinch, it’s sensible to trim a pad—especially a rubber-mesh pad or a thinner felt pad—down to size.


In 2020, we did another look for new rug pads that may have become available since we published this guide.

Finding no new models that fit our criteria, we selected to test our original three selects again to confirm that they were still as well-made as they were when we first tried them.

We conducted tests like to previous years, placing them on both concrete and hardwood floors and topping them with rugs of various thicknesses and pile. Our tests confirmed that our selects remain the best at providing cushion and slip-resistance.

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