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10 Best Sup Paddles 2022-10bestsells


Choosing the Best Sup Paddles for your stand up paddleboard is well value the time. Whether you possess a hard-bodied or an inflatable SUP, having a paddle that both costumes you and matches your paddling method is way undervalued!

Suspiciously believe whether you’re seeking a segmented or one-piece paddle and start your look for from there. One-piece paddles lean-to sense more solid in your hand and have a tighter reply, as segmented paddles are far more controllable to pack up and travel with.

Our top list has patched down the best SUP paddles for every situation. Whether you’re looking for a paddle for speed, control or portability, we’ve got you covered with the best excellence and value choices!

10 Best Sup Paddles 2022

1. Super Paddles Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

Super Paddles Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

One of the most outstanding SUP paddles that I tried is this carbon fiber paddle by the producer Super Paddles. It has fantastic excellence, which made it an appropriate option for paddlers around the world.

It can be used in dissimilar applications such as racing, grooving, touring, and easy surfing. The cause of this is due to its adaptable length. You can modify it so that it can fit your desired request. Such ability makes the paddle adaptable.

Though, remember that this paddle is not completely made of carbon fiber. Merely its shaft is made from the said material. Its blade is made from nylon, which is at rest a good contract.

There are stainless screws that protected the structure of this paddle. Outward or another, I can guarantee that it is strong and proffers the right stiffness still if it has an adaptable construction. This paddle is lightweight, which makes it a huge use for comprehensive paddling trips.


  • Shaft: 12K Carbon Fiber
  • Blade: 12K Carbon Fiber with bamboo veneer
  • Length: 72? – 86?
  • Weight: 25 oz
  • Carry Bag: Yes

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2.Werner Trance 95 1-Piece Carbon Straight Shaft Stand-Up Paddle

Werner Trance 95 1-Piece Carbon Straight Shaft Stand-Up Paddle

The Werner Trance 95 Performance carefully impressed us with its top-notch recital across the board in all of our tests. This paddle is designed cautiously, and the features are all well-craft with ease-of-use in mind. The lightest paddle in our experiment, with a carbon fiber shaft and blade, the model slices during the water. Plus, the highest-scoring alteration system is simple to make use of and doesn’t get in the way of paddling.

Unfortunately, all this performance comes at slightly a cost. Literally. This paddle is one of the most costly models we have experienced to date and its premium price tag may put it out of largely people’s budgets. Rider the price tag of the dream is causing you to panic, and then we would suggest checking out its sibling, the Werner Vibe. It scored presently a bit lower generally but costs appreciably less.


  • BEST FOR qualified paddlers wanting a top-notch paddle that get better speed while reducing arm and shoulder fatigue
  • MATERIAL: Full carbon with reinforced edges approximately the blade
  • SIZE RANGE: There are two sizes. 74 – 81.5 inches or 80 – 87.5 inches
  • WEIGHT: 1 lb. 3.5 oz.

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3.iGK Pure Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle 3-Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle

iGK Pure Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle 3-Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle

The iGK Pure Carbon Fiber is huge for a recreational paddler who desires a great value, strength in the water, and lightweight paddling. It weighs below two pounds and is one of the lightest paddles obtainable. It’s a three-piece changeable paddle and it can regulate between 72 and 86 inches in length.

This paddle comes with a three-section storage bag, so each part of the paddle is detached and the pieces won’t rub against each other to reason damage. The paddle itself comes with two choices, a complete carbon fiber paddle and one that is carbon fiber with a fiberglass blade.

The bolting mechanism on the iGK paddle is one of the easiest out there so you can put together the entire thing in less than 15 seconds. The shortest alteration is great for someone who is about 5-foot-tall, which makes it perfect for yet kids and teens. Whether you surf, race, fish, or now paddle for fun, this is a top option to consider.


  • BEST FOR Recreational paddlers wanting a great-value lightweight and strong paddle
  • MATERIAL: Carbon fiber shaft and blade
  • SIZE RANGE: 72 – 86 inches
  • WEIGHT: 1 lb. 7 oz.

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4.BPS Adjustable 2-Piece SUPS/Stand up Paddleboard Paddle

BPS Adjustable 2-Piece SUPS/Stand up Paddleboard Paddle

This adjustable paddle by BPS is created to divide into two dissimilar pieces. This composes it easier to transport and shop, but it also put off the issues with weakening that can happen with a third joint. You can regulate the length of the paddle from concerning 70 to 75 inches.

The paddle is involved in that the ray may be made of fiberglass or carbon fiber as the blade is nylon. This creates the paddle tough, reasonable, and lightweight. It’s also what creates the paddle float in any water. This is a vast perk when you don’t want to contract with diving to recover a lost paddle as fishing, surfing, or doing yoga.

The handle of the paddle is rounded to suggest an easy grip when paddleboarding. This can be a high-quality thing, but those who aren’t accustomed to this fair grip may find it takes some time to get inured to it. The paddle also comes with a year-long guarantee and the company has great hold up when and if essential.


  • Shaft: Carbon Fiber
  • Blade: Nylon
  • Length: 71? – 84?
  • Weight: 23 oz
  • Carry Bag: Yes           

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5.BIC Sports Original Adjustable Aluminum or Fiberglass Shaft SUP Paddle

BIC Sports Original Adjustable Aluminum or Fiberglass Shaft SUP Paddle

The BIC Sports Original is one more two-piece paddle using an aluminum or fiberglass ray and a thin polycarbonate blade. There is a 15” piece of the shaft which is enfolded in foam for soothing and elasticity when paddling. It’s a paddle that is light on the wallet and one of the heavier paddles you’ll locate.

The paddle being partly wrapped in the foam makes it easy to notice and remains it from sinking rider you fall it in the water. This is a huge thing for a beginner who may drop off their paddleboard more frequently. The grip is rubberized to create it easier to cling to and the handle is a bit small but ideal for small or standard-sized persons.

This paddle is unbelievable as an all-around paddle, particularly for the entry-level paddle boarder. Though, consider that it is a little heavy which may not be the right option for everybody. The paddle has a 16” range which is ideal for families by the paddle or others who will be contributing the paddle between people of dissimilar heights.


  • BEST FOR Families and shorter paddlers inadequate a sturdy, reliable, great value paddle
  • MATERIALS: Aluminium shaft with tough polycarbonate blade
  • SIZE RANGE: 67 – 83 inches
  • WEIGHT: 2 lb. 10 oz.

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6.Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

The Great SUP paddle is fully manufactured of carbon fiber to create a strong paddle with a great level of flexibility. The combination of those two things leads to better performance for beginning to experienced paddling. It ranges in length from 72 to 86 inches and you can adjust it to best fit your needs and style of paddleboarding.

The blade of this paddle has a round blade design with a medium dihedral, which is associated with great power and a good amount of stability. The paddle has a scale marked on the stick so you can effortlessly make adjustments on the fly when passing off the paddle or trying something new.

In addition to the paddle, this package also includes a paddle bag with three compartments. It has close-cell foam padding and a nylon exterior for supreme protection when traveling with your paddle. The paddle and stick can be placed in separate areas to keep them from scuffing each other.


  • Paddle is 100% carbon fiber for strength and high performance
  • Includes a three-compartment paddle bag for transport
  • Handle is ergonomically designed for comfort

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7.Own the Wave 2-Piece or 3-Piece Adjustable Alloy SUP Paddle

Own the Wave 2-Piece or 3-Piece Adjustable Alloy SUP Paddle/Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle

This SUP paddle by Own the Wave is tough and strong as being lightweight due to its aluminum alloy shaft and nylon composite blade. Its glow, at 2.2 pounds making it comfy for most paddlers at all levels of skill.

The paddle handle features a relaxing ergonomic plan that can be attuned from 71” to 83” (180cm – 213 cm). The adjusting mechanism is a pin that slides into gaps, rather than a twist-off, which will stop loosening in the water with frequent use.

The grip is flat, and simple to hold on to for long paddle boarding sessions. With a bubbles core, this paddle is 100% certain to float in fresh or saltwater. The end of the paddle is turned to create the stroke more well-organized.

Traveling and transport the paddle is convenient since it effortlessly divides into two pieces. The longest part of the paddle being 66 inches (167 cm), which will healthy in the back of most vehicles.

Every paddle comes with a free ‘’Own the Wave blade cover’’ to defend the paddle at what time traveling or carrying it to and from the water. The paddle cover is assembled with a heat pensive interior lining that will defend the paddle from the sun.

The Adjustable Alloy SUP Paddle by Own the Wave is a high-quality option for a budget SUP Paddle.


  • Shaft: Aluminum
  • Blade: Nylon Composite
  • Length: 71? – 83?
  • Weight: 34 oz
  • Carry Bag: No

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8.Alloy SUP Paddle – 3 Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle

Alloy SUP Paddle - 3 Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle - Adventurer Series

If you are in search of a beginner-friendly paddle for your SUP, I recommend that you get the Alloy SUP Paddle of SUP provides. This one proffers the necessary ergonomics and ability so that you can sufficiently navigate any SUP of your choosing.

The paddle is modified from two materials. Aluminum was used in the ray as the blade is from high-grade polypropylene. Presently by searching its construction, it is quite simple to say that this paddle is built to last long. The rigidity of this item does not hinder its pliability. It can float on the water, which is necessary for expeditions like paddling.

This paddle has a three-piece meeting. The image of the first two paddles, you can regulate the length of its shaft so that it better suits your conditions. The tubes are sturdy and can oppose abrasion and corrosion. You can lock them strongly as fine so that the paddle can stay stable.

While it comes to weight, this paddle will not load you at all. I can speak that it is not the lightest that I’ve tried, but it did recompense for its toughness. This paddle can take a beating, finally!


  • Shaft: Aluminum
  • Blade: Nylon combination
  • Length: 71? – 83?
  • Weight: 34 oz
  • Carry Bag: No

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9.Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle – 3-Piece Adjustable Stand Up

Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle - 3-Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle

This SUP paddle by California based Super Paddles is not merely gorgeous but useful at the same time. The paddle features a carbon fiber shaft and paddle through a very thin bamboo veneer for an eye infectious look.

Don’t judge it on looks alone though, this high recital paddle has a dihedral blade (see below) to assist eliminate “fluttering” and provide you a smooth influential stroke.

This is a 3 piece paddle so it provides you the final in portability. As disassembled it is about 3 feet long thus you can take it wherever and simply fit it in your vehicle.

The carbon fiber paddle has a wide range of adjust-capability, from 72 to 86 inches (180 to 218 cm) and has secured, simple to lock design. I was able to collect and adjust the paddle in about 15 seconds after a few tries.

The carbon fiber blade is strong and chip resistant so you can go away with it and pass up obstructions. Being lightweight at about 21 ounces, you will not obtain since tired with conservative aluminum or fiberglass paddles and it certainly it floats, unlike many other SUP paddles

To round out the package, it comes with an excellent storage bag that has 3 compartments. One for each part of the paddle, this way the paddle is not banging around getting injured in transport. Not only that, but the bag is also padded so rider you go down it or something falls on it, it is secluded.

The paddle is obtainable in 5 models varying from a 100% carbon fiber model to a greatly less expensive nylon compound blade and aluminum shaft. Super paddles propose 12-month replacement security against faults.

This is for the Paddle Boarder who desires excellence, lightweight paddle, and is my top choice for a carbon fiber SUP paddle.

You can sense good when you buy from Super Paddles, they are dedicated to helping the


  • Shaft: 12K Carbon Fiber
  • Blade: 12K Carbon Fiber with bamboo veneer
  • Length: 72? – 86?
  • Weight: 25 oz
  • Carry Bag: Yes

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10.Yvleen Stand Up Paddle Board Paddle

Yvleen Stand Up Paddle Board Paddle

The Yvleen Paddle is one more choice that I desire you to make sure out. The mixture of fiberglass and polypropylene better its performance on the water. It can propose the right kind of rigidity while giving a bit flex for a better feel. This one is a four-piece paddle that allows you to regulate its height down to what costumes you most. The shaft is completed from aluminum alloy, which is lightweight and tough at the same time. It is not vulnerable to deforming.

This paddle also proposes a T-type handle that is ergonomically planned to offer the paddler with improved grip management. It won’t slip from your hands yet if it gets wet. The Yvleen Paddle is also an adaptable unit. And take note that this doesn’t merely fit with paddleboards. You can also apply it to your kayaks and other dense water vessels. It is a one-size-fits-all paddle that will please every water sports fan out there!


  • Shaft height can be attuned
  • Features ABS locking on the paddle parts so that they won’t go out of place
  • suggests a balance between stiffness and flexibility
  • Can also be used for kayaks and surfboards
  • Buoyant; you will certainly not lose it on the water.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Paddle Board Paddle

There are some things to take into concern when choosing the paddle that will work best for you while out on the lake or sea. The length is a vast part of that, except so is the type of material that the paddle shaft and blade are completed out of. The shape, and size of the blade will also issue into the equation of which paddle is right for you.

SUP Paddle Length

Especially, having a paddle that is the right length for you is vital. If you get an excessively long paddle, it’s going to be a hassle to utilize. If you end up purchasing one that is to coast, you may have to enter an awkward place to put the blade into the water. Neither of these things is very much enjoyable. The excellent news is that choosing the right length of the paddle isn’t excessively hard. What you want to do is look at paddles that are around six to eight inches higher than your height.

There are together adjustable length paddles and ones that are fixed in length. Mainly people go with an adjustable length paddle as they are more adaptable. This means you can trial with what works for you. It also denotes that you can adjust the length rooted in what you’re doing on your paddleboard.

SUP Paddle Materials

In only a pair of hours of paddling, you’ll create thousands of strokes. Having an important paddle can make that tiring, which is why many paddlers favor a light paddle. There are a few dissimilar choices for paddle material and they every have their pros and cons.

Aluminum – Lightweight and reasonable, but not as stiff or light as some options. Usually used for the shaft along with a plastic blade, this creates a good beginner paddle

Carbon Fiber – Stiffest and lightest choice, often more costly. Best for those who do lots of paddling or go long distances. frequently found in high-end paddles made for long-term use.

Fiberglass – Lightweight and maybe in the blade or ray. Fairly stiff for transfer of control in your strokes. Classically less costly than carbon fiber but more pricey than plastic or aluminum.

Plastic – frequently seen in grips and blades of beginner’s paddles. Reasonable and durable, typically paired with an aluminum shaft.

Wood – Used as a veneer or to make a whole paddle. habitually quite gorgeous but may cost more and weight more than other materials obtainable.

SUP Blade Considerations

The biggest thing to remain in mind with the blade is that well-built blades are more powerful as smaller blades tend to be well-organized. Those who have a larger body size will frequently want to choose a larger blade. As far as blade shape goes, the most ordinary alternatives are rounded or rectangular. Rounded is better for those who desire power and don’t mind being slower, as rectangular have a higher speed.

Wrapping Up

Currently, you’ve checked out 10 of the best paddleboard paddles on the marketplace and learned about what you should observe for when making a purchase. Other than the tips over, you can use your taste to choose which paddle will be the right one for you. Despite which you decide, the list above proposes great versatility and all are high-quality choices. Good luck!


Now, you should have a clear thought of how to choose SUP paddles based on your body type, what you will be doing as paddleboarding, and your individual preference.


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