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How To Clean Outdoor Playhouse-10bestsells

how to clean outdoor playhouse

Parents can’t keep their kids perfect at the outdoor playhouse as they wish. Falls will happen, dirt will be tracked in, and the playhouse will eventually succumb to general wear and tear if not properly cared for. So how to clean outdoor playhouse. After following some maintenance tips and general cleaning, you will able to know about how to clean plastic playground equipment.

Step 1: get the structure apart from Outdoor Playhouse

It is needed if you are going to paint and optional or else. Taking the structure separately makes it easier and faster to clean, so I would extremely suggest it when probable. We left the swing put together, except took the playhouse apart. A screw gun can made this a fast task – which looks like common sense, but it will take 10 minutes in with the screwdriver before I considered we owned a screw gun.

Step 2: (not compulsory) Drill holes in the bottom

One thing I observed about our playsets is that they had all get rainwater inside them more than years. We drilled little holes in the bottom to allow the current and prospect of rain out. If your playhouse is arid inside, then skip this step. So you can always go back shortly and add holes if they begin accumulating water.

Step 3: Fill a bucket with water combo

Just Check the advice on your bleach bottle and make it as suggested (ours was 1/2 cup bleach for everybody gallon of water).

Step 4: Lay pieces out level and spray with water from the hose

It will take away the loosely attached things like spider webs, bugs, dirt, and mud.

Step 5: find that elbow fat going with the trifecta of cleaning accoutrements

The mop is huge for spreading the bleachy combination over the surface rapidly, the scrub brush will lift most of the mildew and mould, and the sponge will find into the crannies and nooks that the scrub brush can’t make.

Step 6: Rinse and repeat if essential

It took us some scrub/rinses to ensure we hit every single spot.

Step 7: let to dry in the sun your Outdoor Playhouse

We leaned ours beside the fence; thus, the sun could hit both sides.

Step 8: (not compulsory) spray paint the pieces

You’ll find lots of refreshing sprays painted playhouse makeovers on social media, those fresh colours seem pretty sweet, but I wouldn’t necessarily suggest it.

Kids are extremely tough on toys like little tikes playhouse mould and those after shots you notice on social media are instantly after painting, not following opening and closing the shutters 1,000 times.

Besides, If your playhouse is very faded, it might be useful to spray paint a similar colour to brighten it up (green slide? think going with green paint).

That means when your little one’s hiney gradually wears away at the slide’s outside, the colour shining through is the same hue. But if you must paint, utilize one with a satin end meant for plastic and the outdoors. So let dry.

Step 9: Reassemble

If you’ve any confusion, you can generally download instructions online from the producer’s website.

Truthfully it was so simple and easy (it possibly took me longer to type this article then it did to make the playhouse seem new again).


Hope now you know how to clean outdoor playhouse and you will be able to provide your kids with a healthy outdoor toy.

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