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Metal vs Wood Swing Sets Full Guide 2021-10bestsells

Undoubtedly swing set brings a massive opportunity to enjoy kids’ outdoor fun and exercise especially on summer hot days. But when it comes to choosing the best swing sets for kids, many parents combat wood vs metal swing sets.

It is not surprising when a lot of variation out there and the most concerning issue is kid’s safety. That’s why we made this debating guide between wood and metal swing set to help figure out the best option.

In this comparison guide, we will consider several crucial features including, safety, durability, installation, budget so that the reader can have the most informed and accurate information to ensure possible best gift ideas for kids.

But when it comes to choosing the best swing sets for kids, many parents combat wood vs metal swing sets.

Comparison: wood vs metal swing sets in different features


Metal swing sets are mostly used for commercial playgrounds than residential needs since these are heavy duty and long-lasting but pricy.

Steel tubing frames with powder-coated paint made the metal swing set rustproof and offer longer service. Wooden swing sets on the other hand though made of high-class wood but can’t offer the same durability as the metal swing set.


Safety should get the top priority whatever you buy metal or wooden swing sets. A metal swing set is more prone to get hot if it is placed in an open area and under direct sun exposure for long. So it can cause your kids to suffer from the pinched sunlight.

Conversely, irritating wasps generally tend to nest around the wooden swing sets. So it won’t be a good idea for a kid who has a wasp allergy.

Plus some wooden swing sets construct with harmful chemicals like copper azole or alkaline copper that used to treat the pressured woods. So it can cause serious diseases like lung cancer or bladder.

Overall if you like to go for a metal swing set, then place it in the shaded area and replace its chain link and fasteners but other durable alternatives. On the other hand, choose a well-painted, smoothed, and properly finished swing set, if you want to buy a wooden swing set.


Luckily wooden swing set is more customizable that allows including a climber, slider, three, or even a playhouse. Different Wooden swing sets brands offer unique builds and models.

Firstly you will have to create a base structure, and then you can add features according to your ideas to offer it the final shape or structure. Besides many parents like to place their wooden swing set in the backyard to have a natural aesthetic and eco-friendly look.

Not all the metal swing sets are customizable out there. But it allows adding, replacing or omitting part quickly than a wooden swing set. But you will need to buy the essential parts from the manufacturer or nearby utility stores.


The great thing about a wooden swing set is it needs maintenance almost weekly or biweekly. The most common repairing job is to pain, tightening bolt and screw.

Conversely, maintaining metal swing sets is easier and comfortable comparing a wooden swing set. It needs periodic painting, sealing, touch upon scratches and scraps, and finishing preventing rust and corrosion.

Even you can find some metal swing sets that include stylish plastic sheets that offer twice-time protection from humidity.


Both wood and metal swing set come with a strong structure that offers heavy strength to the swing sets. A metal swing set with heavy gauge steel and a wooden swing set with thicker timbers offers a strong and safe structure so that kids can enjoy it for long.


Whatever the material is metal or wood does determine how hard it will be to install the swing sets. The fact that play a great role here is the following questions, is all the material are pre-dilled, and does it includes an installation guide?

Or it requires special tools and how much time it will take to complete the process for two experts? It is always recommended to hire an expert for the job to prevent a frustrating season or accidental situation.


With limitless designs and different construction materials, the different brands offer unique aesthetics look swing sets. However, the appearance mostly depends on personal preference since different people has a different choice.

Metal swing sets tend to be colorful and provide the almost same design in various color options while wooden swing sets come with more natural color on the mainframe with brighter colors accessories. So for the natural and neutral look, many people like to have a wooden swing set in their backyard.

Weather friendly

As we mentioned above, the metal swing set gets affected by the temp more than wood. So on summer hot days, the metal swing set will extremely turn into hot.

So it will be painful to tough especially if the sets get direct sunlight. Similarly, it will get freeze in the winter season. However, both material is high quality and can withstand in every weather condition but it will be wooden swing sets which are more comfortable to use.


If you consider the budget, metal swing sets will be cheaper than wooden swing sets. Since the wooden swing set needs more maintenance updates, accessories, and replacement it will cost more than metal.

At the same time, if you don’t have DIY skills, the cost will increase again for hiring the service.

On the other hand, a metal playset needs almost zero maintenance and it is super easy to assemble, even without experts. Thus it saves lots of money.

Final words

Overall, a metal swingset may not be more customizable and weather-friendly, but it will be a budget-friendly option that needs less maintenance and ensures years or swing fun.

So wood vs metal swing set debating may end with making metal swing sets at the top pick.

But it doesn’t mean the wood swing set won’t offer the kids outdoor fun, while it is more recommended for a family with several kids.  So in the end, it’s the user’s personal preference whatever he/she will choose considering the individual requirements.

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