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Unique Gifts For 1 Year Old Baby Girl 2021-10bestsells

Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Baby Girl

By the time your child turns 1, trying to figure out the ideal toy can seem like such a chore for some parents. Parents today worry over which products are safe, most probable to help their child’s developmental levels, which toy is the best-rated, long-lasting, and most cost-effective choice that’s out there.

These days, purchasing even a teether for your toddler looks like you must do endless amounts of research on it before finding that ideal one.

This is the reason we are here. Considered on our site are the 10 best toys and gift ideas for a 1-year-old baby girl.

10 Best Unique Gifts For 1 Year Old Baby Girl 2021

1.San Francisco Organic Bamboo

Seeking the best gift for a 1-year-old baby girl? Search no further, since these San Francisco Organic Bamboo Baby Towels are just the thing to please baby’s funny bone after their bath.

At 35” by 35”, they’re roomier and will cover the baby from the top of their head to their teeny little toes.

Sensory Stimulation

The hood aids to insulate and retain heat around the baby’s head and the silly animal ears will have you and them giggling jointly.

Bamboo, a naturally hypoallergenic material, is gentle on newborns’ skin, and opposed to bacteria gathering or hiding in the folds.

Ultra-plush, smoother than cotton, and made with thick, 500 GSM threads and careful, tight stitching, this towel will last you a good long while, and is not only comfortable but eco-friendly!


There’s no need to decide between what’s good for the environment and what’s good for your baby.

These bamboo towels are 100% pure and manufactured with environmental impact on the brain. They’re cuddly, cozy, pretty as can be, and made to last.

The hypoallergenic nature of bamboo also makes these a great choice for families with sensitivities, allergies, or medical forms that leave the baby with a weakened immune system.

San Francisco Baby Organic Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel

Check Price On Amazon


Little ones will adore acting like an animal in this cuddly towel. The company offers a lifetime guarantee, meaning there’s no bound to when you can ask for a refund if you feel like your product isn’t living up to your hopes.

The towels are cute, environmentally kind, and the company is dedicated to customer pleasure, which makes this one of the best gift ideas for a 1-year-old baby girl.

  • Machine washable
  • Fun small animal ears on the hood
  • Super soft bamboo
  • 500 GSM threads and high quality, durable stitching
  • Eco-friendly option
  • A few users found that it left fuzzy particles on other clothes when washed together for the first few cycles

2.Personalized Name Puzzle

Fat Brain Child's Personalized Name Puzzle

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Learning to spell your name is so fun; children love when they can jot it or spell it out loud with exactness.

No matter the spelling of your child’s name this smooth wooden pallet with its colorful exclusive raised letters. It will be the best addition for a kid’s room as an infant to be kept since they grow older.

Sensory Stimulation

They will welcome this as a go-to board that has their very own name carved in it. You can customize the lettering to an extent but not contain characters; colors can be customized.

If your child has an exclusive name you simply type it in at the ordering process to be sure it is spelled only for the kid you’re gifting it to.


The display of the board is smooth and bold at the same time. This helps kids to learn to love their name when they see it written out the appealing visuals are good for a small kid just getting the hang of writing his or her name.

Pick a child’s favorite color for them to really find them interested alongside capitalizing letters of the name that is pronounced with more emphasis to aid your child say his name.


Little ones will love playing with these letters yet if they can’t spell yet. This is a lifelong name board that can be reserved for many years up into adulthood; the wood is very durable and holds up extremely well.

The letters measure right less than 4 inches in height and the base is 4.5 inches tall. This creates it bold and easy to read for young kids. It’s no wonder that many parents believed that this is one of the best toys for a 1-year-old girl.

  • Kids truly like the fact that their name be painted in their favorite color
  • You can put nicknames on the board if you’d like
  • The paint does not chip off simply
  • The wood doesn’t chip easily
  • You can’t contain special characters when you order it

3.Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Babies are sensory creatures. View, sound, touch, taste, smell–all of it is new and stimulating to them. For little jammers already starting to find their groove on, Baby Einstein’s Take Along Tunes Toys are ideal gifts for 1-year-old baby girls.

Sensory Stimulation

This junior jukebox switches between seven full melodies and lights up as it sings. Studies show that music toys stimulate brain activity and aid improve focus and information retention. These small tunes will have baby wiggling and giggling in no time.


There’s a volume control mechanism, so you won’t require including a bottle of Advil in the gift bag, and it’s powered by two simple AA batteries.

This smiley toy is completely sized for small hands and made of smooth, colorful polypropylene so it’s simple to wipe down and keep clean.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Check Price On Amazon


It’s called “Baby Einstein” for a reason. You won’t be banging your head beside the wall to “Old McDonald” with this product. All of the tunes are landmark pieces from typical composers.

  • Seven different songs
  • Volume control
  • Great size for small hands
  • Soft polypropylene surface; no snagging soft skin
  • Cute, colorful, smiley design
  • Song clips are short and you have to press the button to start the next one

4.Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

If only they made chairs like these when we were still kids, these would certainly be the best toys for 1-year-old baby girls. The Laugh ‘N Learn Smart Stages Chair is a knowledge center that is littered with fun activities.

Sensory Stimulation

This chair is their size and also provides entertainment. But while having fun the kid will also be learning skills for example discovery as they find the various secrets within their chair. They also will learn different things such as fun little songs, numbers, and letters.


The armrests have a built-in colorful storybook with a numeric keypad. There are dials on both front-facing armrests intended for switching the learning chair into a different learning mode and to train kids about shapes.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

Check Price On Amazon


Small kids may sometimes sense like everything around them is so big including furniture. The seat itself plays more than 50 sing-along tunes, songs, and melodies with fun phrases when kids sit on it. Standing from the chair also activates sound results.

  • Provides a girl her special chair in the house
  • The chair is filled with activities to keep a child occupied for hours
  • Have good early learning tools, for example, teaching numbers and letters
  • The chair is still a fun activity yet when a child outgrows sitting in it
  • Not simple for a parent to get to the battery compartment to install and replace
  • Chair won’t hold more than 50 pounds

5.LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic

As you can’t expect your 1-year-old girl to share her playthings yet, it’s never a bad plan to start introducing this idea with the Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket.

Sensory Stimulation

Plus the Shapes and Sharing Basket is loaded with enjoyable surprises that will delight the small girl. Not only does it play music when the lid is opened but inside are all sorts of fun other shocks waiting to be found inside.


This colorful purple on pink picnic basket includes about 6 different food items and 2 sets of plates, forks, and cups.

It also arrives with a picnic blanket perfect for simulating a great picnic with amazing play food sets. Opening the lid of the basket plays a range of instrumental melodies with fun sound effects.

LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

Check Price On Amazon


With the Leapfrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket, a child can play they are on a picnic. There are also the advantages of learning to share with others as they look inside to musical basket to get items to distribute to those playing with them. It is indeed one of the best gifts for a 1-year-old girl.

  • Stimulates a child’s imagination
  • Starts a kid toward an understanding about sharing
  • Teaches motor skills, such as learning shapes and matching items
  • Contains 3 AA batteries to operate sounds
  • Parts can be lost and misplaced if not suitably supervised
  • Some parts are small, though not causing a choking hazard could still end up in a child’s mouth

6.B. Toys B. One Two Squeeze Blocks

One-year-old girls will adore the colorful blocks of the B. One Two Squeeze Blocks, especially during bathtime as these are totally buoyant.

They are soft, stackable, and chewable, too. This gift for a 1-year baby girl arrives with 10 of these colorful blocks complete with numbers and animals embossed on every side.

Sensory Stimulation

Kids love playing with blocks and babies adore squeeze toys. These building blocks bring both these time-honored toys together and design them exclusively for toddlers.

Also, the educational element of having 3-D images for example letters, and animals help with observation skills.


Another thing babies will love is being capable of the stack the blocks then knock them down, and adults will love that, different wooden blocks the demolition won’t be too loud.

B. Toys – One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks

Check Price On Amazon


It aids develop mastery of hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and creativity. It may also assist in developing color recognition.

  • Created for small hands to squeeze and build with
  • Safer than wooden building blocks of the past
  • Can be used in the bathtub as blocks float
  • Has bright colors, shapes, and numbers on blocks
  • Don’t need batteries for fun activities
  • Despite being designed for toddlers does arrive with a choking hazard warning
  • Blocks will hold some water and require to be squeezed after use in tub or pool

7.Whisper Ride II for Toddlers

Support the little explorer in your 1-year-old girl with the Pink Whisper Ride Buggy. This sleek buggy gives absolute riding comfort for your little princess with its patented Quiet Ride wheels. It also features storage space under the hood, a completely functional horn, cup holders, and a seatbelt for protection.

Sensory Stimulation

Children yet at a very young age love the car. The Whisper Ride II Buggy also provides a parent with a fun option to the conventional stroller while taking their child for a walk.


This toy provides a girl with an opportunity to actually be the driver of their little car. It is a fun way for them to expand their imagination and to feel extra independent even at an early age.

Step2 775600 Push Around Buggy GT, Pink Push Car

Check Price On Amazon


Ride-on toys are brilliant for stimulating kids’ imagination. These toys for baby girls can also aid in the development of hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, and arm muscle strengthening particularly in steering the buggy.

  • Has handle that lets a parent to push it for toddler
  • Arrives in a variety of colors
  • No batteries required
  • Fun stroller alternative
  • The handle is foldable for storage reasons
  • Assembly need
  • Only holds up to 50 pounds in weight

8.Green Toys Dump Truck

Green Toys Dump Truck in Pink Color

Check Price On Amazon

Let 1-year-olds play in the sandbox, on the beach, or still in their play area with the Pink Dump Truck. This toy truck arrives with a fully unloadable dumper for real action.

Sensory Development

Kids love to play in the sandbox and the dirt. This dump truck is the ideal toy for them to use while playing outdoors. It is also a huge toy to take on a beach outing for a kid to play in the sand.


It’s made of 100 percent recycled milk plastic jugs and arrives with no added phthalates, PVC, or BPA. Besides, parents will have peace of mind knowing this toy is free of any toxic chemicals since Green Toys Dump Truck is made from safe non-toxic materials.


This gift for 1-year-old girls is brilliant for open-ended play. It does not include any batteries so all the action is done by hand. Ideal for developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and imaginative play.

  • Made from green recycled materials
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • No assembly need
  • No batteries required
  • Built to last and simple to clean
  • Slides around on hardwood floors

9.Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

If there’s one extremely apt description about the Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker, then that would be a learning center on wheels.

Sensory Stimulation

This baby walker is filled with lots of learning activities such as a 5-key piano that plays superb children’s melodies, a shape sorter, a make-believe telephone, colorful movable gears, and light-up buttons. The whole thing either plays melodies, tunes, and phrases or lights up dramatically, or both.


Besides, parents will have peace of mind knowing this toy is free of any toxic chemicals since Green Sit-to-Stand is made from safe non-toxic materials.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free

Check Price On Amazon


Kids love to play in the sandbox and in the dirt. This dump truck is the ideal birthday gift for a 1-year girl to use while playing outdoors. It is also a huge toy to take on a beach outing for a kid to play in the sand.

  • Made from green recycled materials
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • No assembly need
  • No batteries required
  • Built to last and simple to clean
  • Slides around on hardwood floors

10.VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

Young children love to play with colorful lights. These toys are the best gifts for 1-year-old girls since she can play all she wants with the Spin and Learn Color Flashlight.

Sensory Stimulation

The toy projects 5 colorful lights and qualities numbered and animal buttons for extra interactive play including extra than 50 melodies, children’s songs, fun phrases, and sound effects. The ladybug sitting atop the flashlight hold also activates the sounds.


It could fun for kids to see it light up and to have fun with the various colors. This is more of a fun educational type toy that just occurs to have a flashlight feature.

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight Amazon Exclusive

Check Price On Amazon


Since an educational toy the Spin and Learn Color Flashlight hits all the marks. This gift for a 1-year-old baby girl is amusing educational and teaches at an early age. While for the flashlight feature, it does have advantages as well.

  • interactive toy that teaches, numbers, songs, and so a lot more
  • A functioning flashlight that can be used without sound
  • Batteries included
  • Provides light in 5 different colors
  • Automatically turns off after 45 seconds of inactivity
  • Flashlight doesn’t give off too excellent a light in a dark room not designed to be a night light

Criteria Used for Evaluation

Sensory Stimulation

Around this time in a small girl’s life, she starts to learn to roll over, crawl, then pull herself up and finally take her initial steps. There are toys for 1-year-old girls on this list that support a baby starting to stand and walk.

But the legs are not the only part of the body that has to be developed; the hands also require being busy. Kids want toys to grab hold of and to still squeeze. Through play, a kid also learns more about balance and coordination.


She also begins to understand the idea of object durability which helps her to feel more confident about not being able to see mom and dad since she knows they are essentially still in the house, just in another part.

This makes them very capable when it comes to puzzles or toys that allow them to search for certain things. These playtime activities help develop her memory with focus and concentration.

In many ways, it is the foundation of beginning convergent problem-solving skills. She has an idea of the answer to the trouble so she actively searches for it still though she hasn’t seen it yet.


These days it looks as if using their imagination is something a child doesn’t do too often. Between the use of technology and video games, learning to pretend looks to be a thing of the past.

However, the girl toys listed here support imagination during playtime. Having an imagination is important to a child because it is through imagination that a child’s mind grows in its creativity and idea forming. Thus imagination is an element that vital to a young mind in the developmental stage.

Other Factors to Consider


Some toys arrive with a warning that states they are not recommended for kids under the age of 3. This warning is typically put in place because the toy has small parts that could be a choking hazard to toddlers.

Let’s face it, as the toddler ages; children desire to put things in their mouths, which is part of sharpening their overall senses. Therefore, it’s important that the gifts for a one-year-old girl not be a choking danger.

Educational Value

At this stage, stimulating the mind is quite vital. One-year-old girl will begin to associate with her name and who her parents are.

This is where toys that play music again can aid. Kids tend to sing songs more simply at first than phrases. Besides, educational elements can be maintained within the brain as well.

Thus, through fun and play, the girls start to stimulate the mind while using toys that will not only entertain but teach them. Always pick the best gifts for one-year-old baby girls that are secure, fun, and educational.

Emotional Development

Before your small princess turns 2 years, she would have already accomplished a lot in terms of her physical, cognitive, social, and moving development. In the next few years, she will grow and develop until she reaches her best.

Frequently Asked Questions

q: Can any of these toys be suitable for a boy aged 1 and under?

Yes, these toys are really ideal for both genders. In fact, some of these gift ideas for a 1-year-old girl listed here in pink also exist in other colors.

In today’s world, parents search for toys that break the gender barrier. Certainly, pink is associated with girls, but if a parent wants to not follow that line of thinking, other stunning vibrant colors can indeed be chosen.

q: Can these toys be used outside the age of 1-year-old?

Yes, actually, all these toys state that a kid up to the age of 3 will enjoy playing with these toys. In fact, a few, for example, the learning table, could continue to entertain for even a few more years.

The best advice is to see just how long the toy really does catch your child’s interest as it could be different for each child.

q: Do these toys come with instructions?

The electronic battery-operated toys listed here do arrive with instruction booklets. In fact, it is important to retain the instructions for future reference.

It is also vital to read the instructions before operating the toy to learn all about it and the protection protocols.

q: Do these toys come with warranties?

Some of these toys, including the battery-operated ones, could have a limited warranty included or an option to buy a warranty. Certainly, a warranty will be of help if the toy stops working within that time frame.

It will also arrive in handy if the toy doesn’t work as advertised and requires to be replaced. The toys that come with a limited warranty included may have a choice to buy an extended warranty plan.

q: Do any of these toys include toxic materials?

Parents today are intensely concerned about toxic materials such as high traces of lead being found in their baby’s toys.

Particularly since the lead poisoning scare that occurred back in 2006 which led to many trusted manufacturers recalling various toys because of high traces of lead found in them in 2007.

while this time, as stated by Consumer Product Safety Commission, new Congressional guidelines were put in place that now needs that all toys for kids under the age of 12 be checked for toxic materials by a third-party lab before being given clearance to be placed on the shelves. All the toys we listed here fall under this protection protocol and were given this degree of testing.

q: Are these toys 100 percent safe for kids?

As stated above, the toys listed here were tested for safety. Though, it is quite important to point out that nothing in this world is totally safe.

The only guarantee that a concerned parent can have here is that each of the companies has taken the time to make toys that meet the safety guidelines for kids age 1 and under.

It is also vital to abide by the recommendation that a parent supervises or play with a child as they play at this age. At this age, it is important to keep an eye on your child to make sure playtime isn’t only fun but as safe as possible.

q: Are replacement parts available?

A few of the manufacturers such a Fisher-Price, Leapfrog, and V-Tech do offer replacement parts even to those toys that don’t have a warranty option.

Unluckily, there is an additional cost for the parts that are to be replaced for the toy if no warranty existed or purchased. The substitute parts can be ordered on their official websites.

q: How does someone determine which toy is perfect for their little girl?

This is a fine question and the best answer is to study your child. Yes, even at this age there will be signs of what interests the kid the most.

Odds are good she likes music and is fascinated by movement. The list of toys for a 1-year baby girl here has some different proposals that will no doubt suit most little girls at this developmental stage.

Final Thoughts

There are no limits to the number of choices available. When choosing a toy, try to classify what you would like her to learn, what kind of fun you consider she’d like, and which toy you’d both enjoy the most.

besides, try to select a toy that will engage her for a prolonged time. The extra stimulating the toy, the more fun she will have, and the more skills she will grow.

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